free five year
furniture warranty


Lilly Loray and her family believe that quality and assurance of quality is essential for our customers. So we are excited to reveal that we give a free 5-year warranty to every piece of furniture we sell; starting from the date you received it. Giving you piece of mind that it’s taken care of. Here’s what it includes:

structural cover


Covers the cost of materials and labour for specific structural defects after your initial manufacturer's guarantee period has ended, offering you peace of mind for up to five years.
• Breakage or separation of frame components Breakage of metal components Castors Mechanical mechanisms Electrical mechanisms Excessive loss of resilience Webbing Swivel/rocker bases Warping

accidental stains


Oopsy daisy! Sometimes stains and spillages happen, especially with children and animals around. Stains on your wood are defined as a sudden or unforeseen event. Warranty starts from the time of delivery and covers:

• Tea/coffee/hot chocolate Red/white wine Alcohol Tomato Ketchup Milk Blackcurrant & Orange Juice Cola & other fizzy drinks Curry & pizza Spaghetti Bolognese Grease from food stuffs Shoe polish Chocolate and confectionery Nail varnish Cosmetics Soap products Paint & wax Human/animal bodily fluids Mineral oil & glue Soot Tar Corrosive substances* Bleach* Dye transfer Glue/super glue Ink Soaps Tar Wax Paints Mineral oil Soot

* Corrosive substances and bleach not covered in this premiere plan unfortunately.

accidental damage


Covers the cost of materials and labour for specific structural defects after your initial
Guards you against accidental damage resulting in a scratch, scuff or burn on your piece of furniture.

Wood/ Metal - Burns Scratch Scuffs Watermark Heat ring Chip

Glass - Breakage Scratch Chip

Upholstery - Rip Tear Burn

Leather components only - Puncture Scratches Scuffs

Pet damage and deliberate child damage are limited to only one incident each during the period of cover.

To make our customers feel at ease if there is any problem for some unknown reason with the furniture, all you need to do is call us up or email into us.

Customer Care number: 01788 486 001 Email: Open
Mon-Sun: 9am - 9pm