Lilly Loray is the quintessential 1960s 'IT Girl'.
Her motto is "Love life, love people and live in the moment". Lilly spends most of her time in her London art studio brainstorming more geometric creations and designs. When relaxing she tends to her bohemian garden and her retro teacup collection. However, when the sun goes down you can din our ‘IT Girl’ kicking up her heels at a party with a Moscow mule.

A Unique Statement

Lilly Loray’s products have wonderful stories surrounding their creations that will make any guest wonder their heritage. Instead of trawling on bidding website to get your unique statement piece, Lilly Loray makes it easy to order, hassle free delivery and versatile items that can be used in any room.
Lilly Loray is also the alter ego of Bryony Tinn-Disbury a graphic designer and filmmaker who used to produce TV adverts in the advertising industry. She has always loved everything retro and wanted to create a brand that made it easy for people to find retro inspired items for their busy lives..
Start retro collecting with Lilly Loray.


Tom Tinn-Disbury is an illustrator and artist based in Warwickshire. He creates art, picture books and all manner of illustrator-y things.


Pine's had a bad reputation, so we aim to restore some love for it. Pine is a fast growing and sustainable, it can also be incredibly beautiful. Pine is strong, flexible and resilient; it is also fantastic for painting and staining, that's why we are in wood love.