Tom Tinn-Disbury

Tom Tinn-Disbury is an illustrator and artist based in Warwickshire. He creates art,picture books and all manner of illustrator-y things.

Commissioned Artwork

Tom has been commissioned to create two projects for Lilly Loray. The first is called The Heritage Art Collection,which compromises of four paintings titled Tea,Coffee,Cocktail and Prosecco,each with a signature colour to emulate our Heritage Collection. Tom has created his take on retro sketches of people from the 60s and 70s era. These original designs look wonderful sold as a four or work equally well individually.

Tom's other commissioned project is called 'jet Set'. These three abstract pictures are made up of vintage collage to emulate the high society on relaxing well travelled weekend.

Start retro collecting with Lilly Loray.

As Seen In...

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