We have lovingly designed a collection of beds that mirror different eras of retro that we love. So an 18th century mahogany bed fit for a king or queen right up to a contemporary Nordic style bed with an industrial retro feel to it. Take your pick at our four categories of beds we love. Not only that all our mattresses are handmade by our team of craftsmen in the UK. To make things simpler we have two types of mattresses for you to choose from in all different sizes. Our Bowie Comfort mattress has a contemporary style with a quilted top and pocket springs. It’s made using memory foam with silk, cashmere and latex filings to add the levels of comfort expected from Lilly Loray. And our Monroe Luxury mattress is a turntable mattress range using hand stitched sides, pocket springs and luxury fillings such as pashmina, cashmere and alpaca. And it comes with a 10-year guarantee, accentuating our confidence in the beautiful craftsmanship of the mattress.

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