Lilly Loray’s FAQ’s


Shouldn’t I look and feel the product in a shop?  Not at all because Lilly Loray and her team take pride in designing retro inspired items, then searching for the best quality craftsmanship just for you. But if you would really like the piece of mind when buying our furniture, then why not order a sample of our wood? You only need to give a small contribution to get it sent straight to your door, which will then be deducted off your order total for the desired piece you’ve chosen.

Why choose Lilly Loray?  Our designs are original, our inspiration is retro and our look is for the modern home. Lilly Loray is simplifying your busy life. Who has the time to trawl bric-a-brac’s, furniture shops, auction houses or bidding sites? Lilly Loray helps you create a unique home to you by curating her favorite key items that are iconic in every way.

Do you provide a premium service for your customers? Of course, this is what we pride ourselves in giving to each and every order. We hold your hand at every stage, even making sure your ordered item will fit where you’d like it to sit in your home. For us we want to make sure every customer is well informed about each carefully crafted process, just for you. On delivery day the product will be delivered, installed and packaging all taken care of by our wonderful delivery team.

Who is Lilly Loray?  Is a 1960s IT girl who loves retro things and designs, her London garden full of bohemian flowers and partying in a London jaunt with a Moscow Mule in hand. She is also the alter ego of Bryony Tinn-Disbury a graphic designer and filmmaker, who loves everything retro and wanted to help others in their busy lives to find retro inspired statements for their homes.

Why are your products the price they are?  At Lilly Loray we use premium materials to create the best quality product. We don’t ship from the Far East; we source European naturally sourced products that last for the longevity.

How can I order?  You can order online through our website or call us on 01788 486 001 for the customer care team to help guide you through our product range.

Is delivery for the furniture free?  We ask for a small contribution towards delivery depending on your postcode area. Please check your postcode below for pricing.

How long does it take for furniture to be delivered?  We normally give an estimate of 8 to 10 weeks for your piece of furniture. For smaller items it can be next day to a week long, depending on the item. Each item will clearly specify it’s delivery time.

Do you deliver at the weekend?  Of course, we want to fit in and around your schedule. So when the customer care team call you up to schedule in a delivery date they will give you several dates to choose from, just for you.

Do you have a showroom?  We will be creating unique pop-up shops that not only show off our beautiful furniture it will be an event to introduce you to Lilly Loray’s world. Lilly Loray calls them her ‘artistic installations’.

What to do if I don’t like me piece of furniture?  Let us know at Lilly Loray within 14 days of receiving your order (call on 01788 486 001) and we will collect it and give your money back including delivery costs. Please just make sure there are no damages incurred on the product.

How can I pay?  At Lilly Loray we accept all major debit and credit cards except American Express.

Are my bank details safe with you?   Of course, our system is run by Stripe an international payment service

Can I order a sample of wood?  Indeed, you need to test the colour and look in your home to make sure it makes a statement! Click here to order a sample, we ask for a small contribution which will be deducted from your full furniture order.

Can I get a brochure of the latest collection?  Why yes, please click here. Just add your email and address and we will send one out straight away.