Updating your kitchen and home can be laborious and expensive. Free-standing kitchens and or add-ons to your already plush place are a great way to update your home easily. All these products are multipurpose to help with an ever-changing busy household. We have luxury linens to help brighten up your home. Larders that can store all your jams, cans or even display your lovely pottery in. The lovely sideboards are so useful for a kitchen island or can be used as extra storage with the help of the rack and add on crates to complete your retro/rustic look. The cutlery holders are a must, being long and deep they are a wonderful way to store nic-nacs, cutlery, make-up, tools and loads more the list is endless. We’ve turned a filing cabinet design into a filing cupboard, to bring a stylish new look to storing pots and pans, herbs or books for a study. It has shelves and lots of storage space for pots and pans or herbs and cans, the choice is endless. Our retro inspired furniture doesn’t stop there with tables, chairs and benches to help complete your kitchen, dining room whichever needs dressing up. We also provide lovely Lilly Loray original linen crates for extra storage, display or even as stacked up shelves.

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