Pine has had a bad reputation in the last couple of decades. We blame cheap knotty furniture and the hideous orange finish used during the 90’s!

However, not only is Pine fast growing and sustainable, it can also be incredibly beautiful. Pine is strong, flexible and resilient; it is also fantastic for painting and staining which makes it perfect for showing off our signature Lilly Loray colours. This gorgeous wood is surprisingly durable and combined with our top-notch manufacturing methods will provide you with a piece of furniture that is built to last.

We chose to have our furniture made close to home by keeping the manufacturing in Europe. We only work with suppliers with Sustainable Forest Management policies, which are actually increasing forest areas.

The trees we use have to be a certain diameter before they are cut, ensuring that the woodland has a chance to recuperate. It also means that there aren’t any large areas of deforestation, so new trees have the chance to grow naturally through a new break in the canopy. This method most importantly allows the least amount of disturbance to species that call the woods their home.

You can rest easy knowing your piece of Lilly Loray furniture is at one with nature, complimenting our planet's resources.