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Pet Rescue Alliance Foster. The Allegan County Animal Shelter operated by Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance has capacity for only 30 adult dogs and 40 cats, yet we receive 3,000-plus cats and dogs each year. Our foster program allows our highly adoptable cats and dogs to be housed for longer periods than practical within the shelter while they await forever homes. In addition to serving more than 60,000 animals each year, Humane Rescue Alliance also connects small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and more with loving homes. View a list of small animals available for adoption and learn more about our programs and clinics.

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Foster parents fulfill a critical component of our life-saving work. Any individual, family, or business with the compassion and willingness to help animals-in-need can serve as a foster parent. Foster terms can range from a few days or weeks to a month or more, depending on the preferences of the foster parent and the needs of the animal. The Canine Welfare Alliance of Australia (or Canine Welfare Australia), is small not for profit, volunteer run, foster based, and rescue group based in Perth, Western Australia. We are proud to be advocates of force free training, anti breed discriminatory laws and have a pro-life philosophy, saving dogs which have no other options. Skip to content. Home; About; Foster. Become A Foster; Transport. Become A Transporter; Menu

Our Mission. About Us Pet Rescue Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Alexandria, VA specializing in the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of homeless dogs, cats, small birds, and pocket pets (guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, etc.).

KHS does not shelter or foster animals, but many local pet rescues do. Fostering helps animals by giving a pet the opportunity to adjust to life in a loving home. It also helps relieve shelters when there are too many pets that need a temporary place to stay before being adopted. Pet Rescue Alliance is a small organization located in Alexandria, VA making a huge difference in the lives of dogs facing euthanasia in rural areas of Texas. We transport dogs from these areas to escape their unfortunate fates and come to our area to find loving homes. Newsletter. Keep up to date & join our mailing list! A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox: please read the instructions to complete the subscription. Skip to content. Home; About; Foster. Become A Foster; Transport. Become A Transporter; Menu